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Address: The New Mart Building: 127 E. 9th Street | STE: 207 | Los Angeles, CA 90015

Houman Salem
Founder & CEO
LA Fashion Startups™ &
ARGYLE Haus of Apparel

–  MBA, Pepperdine University
–  2020 CA State Senate Candidate
–  Member, Mayor’s Fashion Counsel
–  Member, California Fashion Association
–  Founding Member, California Business and Industrial Alliance

LA Fashion Startups™  is a division of ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, a leading fashion design house and apparel manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, CA.  Founded in 2014, ARGYLE Haus has helped launch over 100 fashion startup companies, while also working with well established designers and national brands.

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LA Fashion Startups™ offers a complete set of essential services to help you launch your fashion brand. We also offer business strategy consulting services separately.