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LA Fashion Startups™  is a member of the ARGYLE family of companies, including ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, a leading fashion design house and apparel manufacturing company and ARGYLE Digital based in Los Angeles, CA.  Founded in 2014, ARGYLE has helped launch over 300 clothing startup companies, while also working with well established designers and national brands.

LA Fashion Startups™ was founded specifically for new entrants into the fashion and apparel industry.  We are fashion industry consultants, CEOs, and business owners offering consulting services to the fashion industry. Our services include full package fashion design services, clothing development services (patterns, samples, and fit test), and USA based clothing manufacturing services.

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About our CEO

Houman Salem

Houman Salem
Founder & CEO
LA Fashion Startups™ & ARGYLE Haus of Apparel™

–  MBA, Pepperdine University
–  2020 California State Senate Candidate
–  Member, Los Angeles Mayor’s Fashion Counsel
–  Member, California Fashion Association
–  Founding Member, California Business and Industrial Alliance

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America's Fashion Capitol

Why Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles fashion industry is among the largest industries in Southern California.  You read that right, the LA fashion industry is bigger than the regional tech sector and bigger than the entertainment industry. The combined fashion industry generated over $17 Billion in annual economic activity just for the City of Los Angeles alone (that is bigger than the global movie and music industry combined).  The Los Angeles region currently has over 3,000 apparel factories, hundreds of textile mills and fabric wholesalers, thousands of fabric printing, dying, and embroidery services, famous designer showrooms, fashion industry consultants, and an amazing pool of talented fashion designers, and garment workers. Los Angels offers the most ideal condition to launch a new fashion brand. There is no where else in the USA where you can find a virtually unlimited amount of clothing design and manufacturing services all within a 10 mile radius.


LA Fashion Startups™ offers a complete set of essential services to help you launch your fashion brand. We also offer business strategy consulting services separately.